Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Ho Hsiao Chu, a Taiwanese, is the Chief Operating Officer.

At Cambodia Securities Plc., Hsiao Chu is a senior-level executive who oversees a company’s existing operations and finds ways to make them run as seamlessly as possible.

Hsiao-Chu Obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration from Chihlee University of Technology in Taiwan, she has more than five (5) years of experience in field of business administration and management in Southeast Asia.

A qualified Chief Operations Officer recognized by the Securities Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (“SERC”).


Head of Legal and Compliance Department

At Cambodia Securities Plc., Daline is a head of Legal and Compliance Department. She is primarily responsible for overseeing compliance within the company, and ensuring compliance with laws, regulatory requirements, policies, and procedures and maintaining the company’s legal and ethical integrity. She plays the major role of ensuring that the policy laid down by the company is strictly followed and adhered to by all department members, and that the messaging and the behavior of the organization reflect the rule and regulations of the company.

Graduated from Montesquieu Bordeaux IV University, France with a master of economic cooperation law and a bachelor of private and competitive law from Lumière Lyon 2 University, France, Daline is an experienced legal adviser, providing advices, due diligence of several companies intending going public through Initial Public Offering, M&A, liquidation and structuring services to clients in a range of industry sectors. She is particularly known for her deep knowledge in regulatory aspects in licensing, business registration, securities and financial sector.

A qualified compliance officer and head of securities representative recognized by the Securities Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (“SERC”), as well as a licensed agent for business registration designed by the Ministry of Commerce (“MOC”), Daline is an expert in securities sector with over 10 years of corporate finance experience with one of big licensed securities firms in Cambodia, including several years with big international law firms, trust company, central counterparty and listed companies.