Chengfung Investment Group is one of the largest professional investment institutions in Cambodia with a registered capital of US$ 100 million by 2020.

Chengfung is the largest shareholder in Cambodia Securities with a 70 per cent stake.

Main business of Chengfung Investment Group covers the banking, securities, trust, real estate development and hotel management. With strong local business resources, Chengfung Investment Group master policy trends, focus on investment opportunities of southeast Asia markets, it knows the market environment in Cambodia very well, at the same time, through the professional ability and rich experience of investment team, it has unique insight on local market and can make the best wise investment decisions.

Chengfung Investment Group has always adhered to the business philosophy of “complying with national policies, introducing international capital, enhancing innovation capacity, pursuing the principle of good faith, and implementing risk management”. In recent years, it has successfully expanded its related businesses and become one of the major financial holding companies in Cambodia. At present, its related businesses all keep leading positions in their respective industries.

The strategic goal of Chengfung Investment Group is to build a comprehensive financial service platform in line with the international capital market. Chengfung Investment Group has signed MOUs with a number of well-known foreign institutions and private equity funds companies. It will introduce more professional institutional investors to Cambodia’s securities market and lay a solid foundation for Cambodia’s capital market.