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Our Managing Director had a great visit today with Mr. Chiang, Chairman of SinoPac Securities (Asia) at their offices! Exciting discussions and insights into the financial world. #SinoPacSecurities #BusinessVisit #FinancialInsights

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近日,柬埔寨证券秉持着洪玛奈总理五角战略政策的承诺,携手政府政策、KY Group以及多家商会和协会,共同成立了“SMEs & Startups Go Public Program Platform”。 这一平台的目标是为中小企业(SMEs)和新创公司提供全面支持,协助它们顺利走向上市。 “SMEs & Startups Go Public Program Platform” 以一站式服务为特点,整合各种资源,帮助企业和组织实现上市的目标。只需提交申请,经审核通过,企业即可免费进驻,享受新创基地设施服务,并获得全面的运营指导机会。受指导的企业还能参加新创大赛等活动,吸引投资,成为IPO上市的种子企业,在柬埔寨证券的专业承销支持下,成功站稳在柬埔寨股市的脚跟上! 柬埔寨证券的董事总经理邓镇岳先生表示:“柬埔寨证券整合此一站式平台是为了帮助中小型企业推进业务,获取更多资金,提升产品和服务质量,扩展业务版图,同时促进柬埔寨经济的成长,为投资者带来合理的回报,实现双赢局面。” “SMEs & Startups Go Public Program Platform”新创平台采用3阶段辅导方式,包括免费孵化(Incubation)、加速(Acceleration)和上市准备(Go Public)。这一系列的支持将培育有潜力的企业逐步成长。除了提供财务支持外,KY INCUBATOR还将为参与企业提供业务战略、市场推广和专业培训,助力它们在竞争激烈的市场中脱颖而出。 柬埔寨证券的执行长Buth Kerady女士表示:“对于投资方来说,现在有机会成为优质企业的股东,分享获利。这样的机会不再局限于大企业,入驻‘SMEs & Startups Go Public Program Platform’的潜质企业有机会在柬埔寨证券的专业辅导和孵化加速下实现事业成长,迈向柬埔寨IPO上市。” “SMEs & Startups Go Public Program Platform”新创平台拥有七大优势,包括一站式服务、各阶段的资金支持、整合资源、客户搜寻、免费专业课程、优质工作环境以及政府支持的税收政策。这些优势将为企业提供一个理想的环境,让它们能够集中精力发展业务,实现长期增长目标。 对于梦想将自己的企业推向更高峰的人来说,现在正是实现梦想的最佳时机,立即加入SMEs & Startups Go Public的平台与服务计划,不仅能实现企业的梦想,还能为柬埔寨的经济发展添砖加瓦,实现共同繁荣。     柬埔寨证券:一站式平台助力企业走向上市 柬埔寨证券公司为中小企业和新创公司提供坚实上市之路 中小型企业及新创公司上市不是梦  

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Founder and Shareholders


BUTH KERADY (Ellie), Founder & CEO

Ms. BUTH KERADY has spared no effort to promote the economic development of Cambodia. After Cambodia’s economic reform was opened to foreign investment, she often visited countries around the world on behalf of Cambodian officials to exchange ideas and attract investment.

Through abundant professional senior financial background, good relationship with government authorities, Ms. BUTH KERADY foresees economic growth potential and business opportunities in Cambodia, and the development potential of financial capital market in the future, thus she established “Chengfung Investment”, cooperate with the international well-known investment institutions in comprehensive investment in Cambodia, especially in the real estate industry, hotels and finance and insurance, etc.

Before setting up Chengfung Investment Company, she spent nearly 10 years in the management of the financial banking industry, serving as the senior management director of The Post Bank of Cambodia. She was responsible for communicating with the legal persons of corporate offices in China, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong for promoting international business.

Ms. BUTH KERADY has been one of the important promoters of Cambodia’s economic development in recent years and one of Cambodia’s important young leaders.

Cambodia Securities Profile


Cambodia Securities is the first professional securities firm with wholly owned license and with investment banking as its core business after the reform and opening up of the securities market.

Our professional businesses cover underwriting business, self-operated business, brokerage business, asset management and trust business. We support the development of real economy through a comprehensive professional platform, and provide various financial service solutions for corporate clients in Cambodia.

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