Cambodia Securities is the first professional securities firm with wholly-owned license and with investment banking as its core business after the reform and opening up of the securities market.

Our professional businesses cover underwriting business, self-operated business, brokerage business, investment advisory. We support the development of real economy through a comprehensive professional platform, and provide various financial service solutions for corporate clients in Cambodia.


Cambodia Securities upholds the forward-looking and pragmatic principle, pursue the direction of national economic policy, actively involved in promoting, planning, formulation of long-term securities capital market norms of Cambodia, to comply with the needs of the national economy at the various stages of development, and makes effective connection with the resources of foreign capital markets, financial institutions, promotes the sustainable prosperous development of securities capital market in Cambodia.


In the international capital market, as the best professional exchange platform, Cambodia Securities regularly holds forums with foreign capital markets and financial institutions, conducts mutual visits, signs contracts and carries out substantive strategic cooperation, so as to promote the connection between Cambodia Securities capital market and the international market. At the same time, we recruit experienced professionals in various markets and integrate local wisdom and international standards.


We have a sound infrastructure and abide by the principles of rigorous risk management, corporate governance, high transparency and innovative reform in our operations, so as to provide the most stable and diversified services for our corporate customers and bring greater profits and protection to them.


To become the most trusted domestic leading and international first-class professional investment bank is the goal and vision of Cambodia Securities, and to implement the national capital market strategy, serve the development of the real economy, and create greater value for the society.